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Practical Courses

  • Rote learning of the Holy Quran: repetition of what was memorized from the Quran and its recitation before the Faqih The goal of this lesson is to encourage students to absorb the Holy Quran in its entirety with immaculate memorization.
  • Applied lessons in cantillation and recitation of the Quran: The aim of this course is to train students to adequately recite the Holy Quran by adjusting the articulation points, and respecting elongation of words and stops.
  • Applied lessons in sermonizing and preaching: students are assigned to give practical lessons, such as sermons, speeches, seminars, and lectures to their classmates. This course takes place in the presence of a professor/supervisor who follows up on the achievements and opens the floor for feedback and discussions in front of the students to deliver their opinions about the exercise. The course is concluded by the intervention of the professor/supervisor to give guidance to the student who performed the practice session.
  • The goal of these practical courses is to train students on preaching, delivering sermons, lectures and interventions in a systematic way that respects scientific and methodological procedures to achieve the objectives of the sermons and speeches, conducting seminars and writing reports about visits of Imams, sermonizers and preachers.