Practical Courses

Rote learning of the Holy Quran: repetition of what was memorized from the Quran and its recitation before the Faqih The goal of this lesson is to encourage students to absorb the Holy Quran in its entirety with immaculate memorization. Applied lessons in cantillation and recitation of the Quran: The aim of this course is to train […]

The Common Core classes

Shari’a Courses Humanities and Languages Sciences of Quran History of Islam Sciences of Sunnah History of Religions Biography of the Prophet Economics Fiqh/ Jurisprudence Islamic Movements Leading Prayers Jurisprudence Jewish Heritage Women Jurisprudence Introduction to Christianity Islamic Doctrine Philosophy Sufism Introduction to Psychology Sources of the Maliki School Mental Health Arabic and Communication Natural and […]

Special Theoretical Training

The study program in the Institute includes theoretical courses, lectures, conferences, workshops, and practical trainings. The foreign Imams are given training in coordination with their countries based on the following components: Necessary sciences of Sharia for the Imam; Languages; Introduction to human sciences; The history of the Imam’s country of origin and its current institutions.